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The Real Ashley

Holy cow! I can’t believe the first week of my senior year is over! It flew by! It’s going to be a fantastic year though ya’ll! I can just feel it. Ok. So remember how I told you before that Ashley was kind of heading down the wrong road? Well, I was wrong. Completely wrong! […]

Not A Bad Start

Well, despite our conversation last time, these first few days of school happened to be pretty gosh darn amazing. It’s almost as if everyone matured over the summer. And when I say everyone I mean a graduating class of 15 teenage adults who aren’t quite ready for the “world”, but hey, at least they’re not […]

Here Goes My Senior Year

Today might be the scariest day of my life so far. Ahhh! I’ve made it through 11 years of school to come to the point of wondering why the hell I, and my brainwashed classmates needed to go through this learning system. Although I have many fears that are riddled from many questions and ponderings, […]

What in the world is NM Sandy about?

Let me introduce myself folks. I’m Caleb, and this is my story blog about a teenage creative artist, Natalie Melinda Sandy, also know as just Sandy, from the village of Antwerp, Ohio with dreams of ditching the small town life for the ocean front, big city life of San Francisco. Between the struggles of trying […]

Hello world!

Hello World! Welcome to my new blog NM Sandy. Stayed tuned for lots of wicked awesome content!