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Holy cow!

I can’t believe the first week of my senior year is over! It flew by! It’s going to be a fantastic year though ya’ll! I can just feel it.

Ok. So remember how I told you before that Ashley was kind of heading down the wrong road? Well, I was wrong. Completely wrong! Last time her and I had a “lifechat” we call them, she was heading out to Amsterdam with her pops for the remainder of the summer. Ashley literally arrived home the night before school started so I had absolutely no idea what to expect from her. Her mom and dad thought it an excellent idea for them to get away together and connect. Their conservative religious background says that maybe the reason she was following around the troublemaker Andrew was daddy drama. I mean after all, divorce can a humongous toll on a young persons self-esteem, causing them to even question the purpose of their existence.

I can hear ya’ll asking now, “Well didn’t Bo go?”

No. For a couple of reasons. The entire family, although Ashley and Bo’s parents are divorced, decided together that it ought to just be Ashley and daddy, giving them time to reconnect and letting her be with a man that treats her quite well. And figuring that Bo just started his house cleaning biz, he didn’t want to take off for month. His goal is to set it up with quite a few regulars over the course of the next few years, (hopefully sooner if I have it my way) and then sell it off for a good chunk of change.

All of that to say that miracles are real. LOL. Ashley is back to normal, scratch that, better than how my two blue eyes have ever seen! Which irrefutably makes my heart smile.

You see, at the beginning of the week, certainty of whether or not my best friend would be right by side was totally out the door. I felt as if there was no hope for me to get my bestie bak. The one who knows all my secrets, all my faves, all my crushes, and all my dreams and aspirations. Just the thought of not having her by my side was enough to cause PTSD. But thank the Lord God Almighty, hallelujer (as Madea says it), because now there is some bright, white lights shining in my darkness.

On top of getting my best friend back, not only from another country but from her destructive mindset, Bo made and extraordinary effort this week to visit me during lunch. He planned his cleaning jobs around my lunch schedule. Are you freaken kidding me? This is like movie status stuff happening! Not only did he plan his work around me, he asked me out on a date? Huh? I thought we were dating? I’m not used to a man treating me so well. As far as boyfriends that is. My pops is incredible! Anywho, apparently Bo made exquisite plans for a night out on the town. Which means going to the Fort.

Fort Wayne. I love it! It draws a diverse culture of art, food, and homeless people. Three of my absolute favorite things on this entire planet. From Thai Tea that’ll blow your mind, to the most authentic mexican food in the entire midwest and art and music that is incomparable to any other region in the world. Fort Wayne is one of my favorite past times.

Stay tuned to hear about my hot date with my hot lover Bo.

NM Sandy


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