Not A Bad Start

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Well, despite our conversation last time, these first few days of school happened to be pretty gosh darn amazing. It’s almost as if everyone matured over the summer. And when I say everyone I mean a graduating class of 15 teenage adults who aren’t quite ready for the “world”, but hey, at least they’re not dicks anymore. It seem as though though the whole school, 61 kids to be exact, are suffering from amnesia as last year’s drama has yet to drip from the lips of not even one individual. That’s a plus for me! Although maybe it’s too early to make any judgements figuring it’s only been 3 long days of school.

Can you guess what classes I like most?

My schedule is fantastic! Since I’ve put in my hard 11 years of daunting education, this I get the reward of not needing a full 7 periods. That means a whole hour of learning how to adult before I am adulting full time. Or it means more time with my lover boy Bo! Anyways, here is my senior yr schedule. The last school schedule I may forever follow!

1st Hour: PE

2nd Hour: Calculus

3rd Hour: Physics

4th Hour: Lunch

5th Hour: Advanced Art 3-4

6th Hour: Graphic Design 1-2

7th Hour: NONE


Now before you say anything about my schedule such as, “PE first hour seriously”, I love it! I know. I’m just unusual and weird like that. I strangely enjoy what most others. The bright side is, I don’t need to wake up any earlier then the butt crack off dawn like the school already makes us. Why? Showering at home is now irrelevant. It will be a tragedy to wake up and shower, then shower again. Besides being a complete waste of water and energy to shower twice, this new routine will save my parents loads of money and save me sleep. Do you see why I’m so fricken excited now? More sleep. Save the fam mula. And then I have an excuse to wear comfy clothes all day, don’t have time to look all shnazzy.

Although I may seem overly pumped for my physical education class, it does not even register on a scale of 1-10 compared to how excited I am for my favorite hour. No no. It’s not lunch. Though that is a tie for 2nd place. Ready for it?


Did you guess it right?

I know that little thought running through your noggin. Of course. Art.

Art is life. Seriously though. Art is this incredible mystery that opens the mind to experience a vast array of complex human emotions. The art of music can take you from focused and calm to angry and discouraged to happy and ready to party in a matter of split seconds and a half. Paintings can draw your heart in the grief of losing a loved one, or the warm fuzzy feelings of the holidays when staring at the snowy cottage by Thomas Kinkade. How strange the phenomenon of my emotions instantaneously responding to an assortment of light, color and shapes in the previous milliseconds of experiencing the piece of art.

Deep words for a teenager? I know. I guess I’m just an old soul with Wisdom as my constant teacher. She’s an elegant, yet in your face sort of teach. Her words can be sour, but the lessons learned worth more gold itself.

I love expressing Lady Wisdom through my art making my craft a unique brand of creativity that I desire to share with the entire world!

Thanks for being apart of this dream!!

Stay Tuned for more!

NM Sandy

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