What in the world is NM Sandy about?

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Let me introduce myself folks. I’m Caleb, and this is my story blog about a teenage creative artist, Natalie Melinda Sandy, also know as just Sandy, from the village of Antwerp, Ohio with dreams of ditching the small town life for the ocean front, big city life of San Francisco.

Between the struggles of trying to fit in as an artist in a school of blue collar students who live like sheep led to the slaughter of their own future, letting go of her parents conservative and religious ideology and of course boys, or the lack thereof, she helplessly runs to all sorts of artforms to free her mind from the problems of being a small town, midwestern, teenage girl.

Sandy often begrudgingly works on her father’s organic farm. She loves the quality time she gets with her father Frank, and all the life lessons she’s learned over the years from farming and gardening has most likely over prepared her for the world, at least the teenage world. The reason she dreads working on the farm, she’d rather be expressing her creativity through art, not doing the same boring tasks the scrape up her tools, her hands.

To pass the time until she graduates high school and can finally move on to the dreams she so strongly desires to pursue, she hangs out with her best friends Ashley and her twin brother Bo and his best friend Andrew. Andrew is the troublemaker of the bunch, sneaking alcohol to the river when they go, smoking pot and leaving a mess of litter wherever he travels. Sandy and Andrew don’t quite get along, figuring that Sandy is the nature activist, peacemaker and tree hugger that she is. She doesn’t mind that Andrew smokes or drinks because well, she sometimes enjoys a nice glass of wine and a blunt yet does not allow it to send her out of control and causing damage to nature, the town and people. Unlike Andrew who becomes a hurricane of wrath and sexual aggression, making a fool of him and his friends in public places. The thing she dislikes the most about Andrew is the influence he somehow keeps over her best friend Ashley involving her in activities that have landed both of them in jail.

Caleb talking here, the thing I want to do different in writing this narrative is make it interactive. Where Sandy becomes a real character, where her story, her narrative is the voice of the blog. ┬áSandy would love it if you follow her as she pursues self awareness, intentional creativity and the pursuit of ocean front living. You can feel free to ask her questions, ask her about her dreams and what fuels them. Ask her about her childhood and what it’s like growing up on a farm. As time goes on, she knows you’ll fall more in love with her story, her family and she hopes it will will inspire you to pursue the limitless possibilities of our humanity.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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